The Good Routine CP soaps review (All variants) | Garima Madan

Hello again! I hope you all are doing fine ❤

I have always loved using soaps for shower but since a past few months my skin has been quite dry. I tried various soaps but all of them made my skin dry and it kept getting worse. Then I had to switch to shower gels and I never liked that after rinse feeling of slippery skin which seems like there is still some product left on the skin and I keep rinsing until I realise that it’s actually gone and this slippery feel is not gonna go anywhere. ugh!

But then recently I got these cold processed soaps from the brand called The Good Routine and have been using them since 15 days now. And now sharing my review with you guys. Read till the end as I share a discount code for you, which can be used for 20% discount and free shipping all over India.
About The Good Routine.

The Good Routine was started in 2017 with a vision to make the world a better place. Their workshop is in Himachal Pradesh where these beautiful handmade soaps take birth, are taken care of (curing procedure), get dressed (packaged) and then finally leave for their new homes to make you feel good and special everyday. The soaps are not only good for our skin but also for the planet as they don’t use any harmful chemicals in the soaps and the packaging is also eco-friendly. The Good Routine team believes that business comprises of people, is driven by people and for people. That’s why they have pledged 10% of their annual profits towards creating and renovating toilets in Government schools. Which means with every soap YOU buy from TGR you are helping children get access to clean and hygienic toilets and fight diseases.

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Why DIY Skincare/ hair care? | Know how to make DIY hair butter to repair dull & damaged hair.

Why DIY skincare / hair care products when there are plenty of different brands available offering a wide range of products for different skin types? Is it worth your time and effort to create your own skincare products? If you have these questions in your mind and don’t like spending your time on formulating DIY products then read this further and think again.

Economical : For DIY skincare/hair care products, you will need some powders/clays, butters, oils, kitchen ingredients, etc. and since these are dry ingredients they usually have a long shelf life. So, you can invest in them and they are going to last you a long time. That way you can formulate your favourite products any time in less cost as compared to readymade products available over the counter.

Effective : Since you are making products according to your skin type, you have the option to choose whatever you wanna put in. That way, you can try and test and see what works for your skin and what not. It is going to make your products even more effective rather than store bought ones as they contain preservatives as well which do not have any benefits for our skin.

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Fuschia Pomegranate pearls face & body exfoliating scrub – Review

Hi people!

How are you doing today? I’ve not been very consistent with blog posts lately, but I’m trying to remedy that. This is going to be a review of one of the many variants of scrubs by Fuschia. Recently, I’ve been bitten by the beauty subscription boxes bug and I got very excited when I saw one of the many boxes available in India contains two Fuschia products – Charcoal facemask and this pomegranate scrub. I immediately ordered the box, though I can’t remember which one was it now and I’m too lazy to look through Internet to find out. So let’s leave that aside, please 🙂

Now, let’s see how the pomegranate scrub fared for me. Just to give context, I have dry combination skin (don’t get confused, we are two people).

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Biotique Bio chlorophyll oil free gel – Review

Hi folks, what’s up? Are you guys enjoying monsoon? I am but not my skin. I have oily skin and in this season it just gets worse. Too much oil and some pimples here and there. This particular year has been really difficult because I am getting breakouts on my body as well. And the worst part is I am unable to find a suitable face moisturiser which can actually control oil on my face. 😦 Do you guys have any suggestions to control oil and pimples?

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While trying to figure out ways to combat this situation, I realized that I have this Biotique Bio chlorophyll oil free anti-acne gel & post hair removal soother (for oily & acne prone skin). So, I tried it and now sharing my experience with you.

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Gillette Venus Breeze Razor – Review

What’s up lovely people?

I hope you are doing well. Do you guys shave your arms or legs? If not, then you might end up shaving your arms or legs after reading this post. In this post, I will share my experience of using Gillette Venus Breeze razor. Gillette has recently launched their new Venus Breeze Razor in India and I have been using it for two months now. Let me tell you a little story about how I started using this razor.

So, I have been shaving my legs from last few months using the Gillette Venus razor and satin care sensitive skin shave gel. Then in March Gillette launched their Venus breeze razor in India and my one Week trip was planned in April but I didn’t want to take that shave gel with me because it’s quite big. So, I thought of trying the new Venus Breeze razor as it comes with gel bars and you don’t need to use any kind of soap or shaving gel with this. So, I bought it and tried it and loved it 🙂 Continue reading

DIY face scrub for dry sensitive skin

Hello lovelies!

How is winter treating you all? Hope you are doing well! In the winter skincare essentials series, we shared a DIY face scrub recipe (head over to this post for more details). That one contains masoor dal(red lentil) which is an excellent exfoliator for oily skin. It is very effective for acne & for tightening pores. It suits my sister really well. However, I feel it is a little too harsh for my dry sensitive skin. I need a little more moisturizing and gentle ingredients in my skincare products. So today, I’m going to share the recipe of a homemade face scrub that suits dry and sensitive skin really well. Read on!

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