Fuschia Pomegranate pearls face & body exfoliating scrub – Review

Hi people!

How are you doing today? I’ve not been very consistent with blog posts lately, but I’m trying to remedy that. This is going to be a review of one of the many variants of scrubs by Fuschia. Recently, I’ve been bitten by the beauty subscription boxes bug and I got very excited when I saw one of the many boxes available in India contains two Fuschia products – Charcoal facemask and this pomegranate scrub. I immediately ordered the box, though I can’t remember which one was it now and I’m too lazy to look through Internet to find out. So let’s leave that aside, please 🙂

Now, let’s see how the pomegranate scrub fared for me. Just to give context, I have dry combination skin (don’t get confused, we are two people).

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Biotique Bio chlorophyll oil free gel – Review

Hi folks, what’s up? Are you guys enjoying monsoon? I am but not my skin. I have oily skin and in this season it just gets worse. Too much oil and some pimples here and there. This particular year has been really difficult because I am getting breakouts on my body as well. And the worst part is I am unable to find a suitable face moisturiser which can actually control oil on my face. 😦 Do you guys have any suggestions to control oil and pimples?

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While trying to figure out ways to combat this situation, I realized that I have this Biotique Bio chlorophyll oil free anti-acne gel & post hair removal soother (for oily & acne prone skin). So, I tried it and now sharing my experience with you.

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Gillette Venus Breeze Razor – Review

What’s up lovely people?

I hope you are doing well. Do you guys shave your arms or legs? If not, then you might end up shaving your arms or legs after reading this post. In this post, I will share my experience of using Gillette Venus Breeze razor. Gillette has recently launched their new Venus Breeze Razor in India and I have been using it for two months now. Let me tell you a little story about how I started using this razor.

So, I have been shaving my legs from last few months using the Gillette Venus razor and satin care sensitive skin shave gel. Then in March Gillette launched their Venus breeze razor in India and my one Week trip was planned in April but I didn’t want to take that shave gel with me because it’s quite big. So, I thought of trying the new Venus Breeze razor as it comes with gel bars and you don’t need to use any kind of soap or shaving gel with this. So, I bought it and tried it and loved it 🙂 Continue reading

DIY face scrub for dry sensitive skin

Hello lovelies!

How is winter treating you all? Hope you are doing well! In the winter skincare essentials series, we shared a DIY face scrub recipe (head over to this post for more details). That one contains masoor dal(red lentil) which is an excellent exfoliator for oily skin. It is very effective for acne & for tightening pores. It suits my sister really well. However, I feel it is a little too harsh for my dry sensitive skin. I need a little more moisturizing and gentle ingredients in my skincare products. So today, I’m going to share the recipe of a homemade face scrub that suits dry and sensitive skin really well. Read on!

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Winter essentials series #3 Lips

​Hi everyone,

So this is the third and last part of my winter essentials. In this part I will talk about my winter essential products for lips.

Lip Scrub

DIY Lip scrub

I have never bought any lip scrub yet. I just love my DIY products. They are free from any chemicals and preservatives and work perfectly without any adverse effect. This scrub effectively removes dead layer of skin and makes lips soft and smooth. You can also make this easy and inexpensive lip scrub using a few ingredients. Here is my favourite DIY lip scrub recipe.

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Winter Essentials Series #1 Body

Hey lovely people,

I hope you all had a great Christmas. My weekend was fun. I went shopping and also watched a movie with my family. 🙂

I am very excited about today’s post because today I am gonna start a series of my winter essential products. In this first part of the series I am gonna talk about my favorite or most used skincare products for body. It will contain either mini reviews of those products or DIY recipes if I made them at home. So are u guys excited about this post? Continue reading

Biotique anti tan facial kit | Review

Hello everyone,

Finally, it’s winters here in Delhi. Summer is long gone but it has left some tan on my face. Plus my dry skin needs some pampering in this weather. So I decided to try out an anti tan facial kit from Biotique. I’m going to review the same today.

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Natural Bath and Body Foot and Hand Cream | Review

Hello readers,

So the weather is now cold which I don’t really like. And winter means chapped lips, dry skin and yes dry hair. And dry hair reminds me of my previous post on review of TBS Rainforest Radiance shampoo. If you haven’t checked it yet here is the link.

Coming to the today’s review. It’s about a hand and foot cream from one of my favourite skincare brands which is Natural Bath and Body. It’s their Lemon chamomile foot and hand cream. Continue reading