Why DIY Skincare/ hair care? | Know how to make DIY hair butter to repair dull & damaged hair.

Why DIY skincare / hair care products when there are plenty of different brands available offering a wide range of products for different skin types? Is it worth your time and effort to create your own skincare products? If you have these questions in your mind and don’t like spending your time on formulating DIY products then read this further and think again.

Economical : For DIY skincare/hair care products, you will need some powders/clays, butters, oils, kitchen ingredients, etc. and since these are dry ingredients they usually have a long shelf life. So, you can invest in them and they are going to last you a long time. That way you can formulate your favourite products any time in less cost as compared to readymade products available over the counter.

Effective : Since you are making products according to your skin type, you have the option to choose whatever you wanna put in. That way, you can try and test and see what works for your skin and what not. It is going to make your products even more effective rather than store bought ones as they contain preservatives as well which do not have any benefits for our skin.

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TBS Rainforest Radiance Shampoo | Review

Hello everyone,

Have you guys checked my previous blog post yet? If not, here is the link to my last post.

And today I am gonna review one of my favourite shampoos that I have used so far. This is from The body shop’s rainforest range in the variant ‘radiance’. There are 3 other variants in the same range. It retails for INR 795 for 250 ml of product. Continue reading