Gillette Venus Breeze Razor – Review

What’s up lovely people?

I hope you are doing well. Do you guys shave your arms or legs? If not, then you might end up shaving your arms or legs after reading this post. In this post, I will share my experience of using Gillette Venus Breeze razor. Gillette has recently launched their new Venus Breeze Razor in India and I have been using it for two months now. Let me tell you a little story about how I started using this razor.

So, I have been shaving my legs from last few months using the Gillette Venus razor and satin care sensitive skin shave gel. Then in March Gillette launched their Venus breeze razor in India and my one Week trip was planned in April but I didn’t want to take that shave gel with me because it’s quite big. So, I thought of trying the new Venus Breeze razor as it comes with gel bars and you don’t need to use any kind of soap or shaving gel with this. So, I bought it and tried it and loved it 🙂

About the product:

This is a detachable razor so there’s a razor handle and a razor head. The razor has three blades for close shave and rounded pivoting head which makes it easy to use around knees and elbows. Like the old razor, this one also has Aloe Vera strip on top to sooth the skin while shaving. It has 2 gel bars, one on top and the other on bottom of blades. Also, these gel bars smell amazing. Every razor head comes in individual packaging so it’s convenient to keep them in shower and it also makes them travel friendly.

Razor retails for Rs. 299

Pack of 2 cartridges retails for Rs. 350


To Use:

Wet the razor under water and start shaving. Yeah, it’s that simple. The gel bars will lather once you start gliding the razor on wet skin.

My experience:

I used it on my legs and it gave me really good results. I was a little scared before using this razor because I was thinking that these gel bars are not gonna lather enough and it might cause razor bumps or any other problem as my legs are quite sensitive. But, unlike my expectations, it gave really close shave and smooth legs. I didn’t get any nick or cut or razor bumps. I was very happy with the results that I ended up shaving my arms with this razor, too. Before that I had never shaved my arms but because this razor is very easy to use and gives really smooth shave without using any shave gel, I thought of using it for my arms also. This razor makes the shaving process less time consuming as I don’t have to work with the shaving gel. Although, It doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of time saving but still makes a significant difference specially when I am running late.

Although, it has got this moving head which makes it easy to use around curves but still you have to be careful while using it on knee or elbow. It’s quite big in size because of the gel bars so it makes it a little difficult to use on smaller areas like elbow. When I shaved my arms first time, I got a nick on my elbow as I was shaving my dominating arm using my non dominating hand (obviously). So, It’s not completely the razor’s fault, I would say. Just be careful while shaving such difficult areas and you will love the results this razor gives.

This razor is good for 3-4 uses. After 3-4 uses that’s how it looks. It still has those gel bars but now they don’t lather. The last time I used it, it didn’t lather much. So, I think that’s the only con it has because the blades are still working fine but I can’t use it because the gel bars won’t lather. Otherwise, It is a great substitute for shaving gel. I would definitely recommend you to give this a try.



TIP: If you already have any old Gillette Venus (women’s) razor, then you can buy the Venus breeze razor cartridges only and the breeze razor head will perfectly fit to the old razor handle. Every Gillette razor head fits every Gillette razor handle.

Rating : 4/5



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