Winter essentials series #2 Face

Hey friends,

How are you guys doing? I hope good. So I am here again and today I will discuss with you guys the second part of my winter essentials series i.e. for face. And if you haven’t checked the first part yet, here is the link to that post. And now let’s move on to the next part. Continue reading


Winter Essentials Series #1 Body

Hey lovely people,

I hope you all had a great Christmas. My weekend was fun. I went shopping and also watched a movie with my family. 🙂

I am very excited about today’s post because today I am gonna start a series of my winter essential products. In this first part of the series I am gonna talk about my favorite or most used skincare products for body. It will contain either mini reviews of those products or DIY recipes if I made them at home. So are u guys excited about this post? Continue reading

Biotique anti tan facial kit | Review

Hello everyone,

Finally, it’s winters here in Delhi. Summer is long gone but it has left some tan on my face. Plus my dry skin needs some pampering in this weather. So I decided to try out an anti tan facial kit from Biotique. I’m going to review the same today.

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Natural Bath and Body Foot and Hand Cream | Review

Hello readers,

So the weather is now cold which I don’t really like. And winter means chapped lips, dry skin and yes dry hair. And dry hair reminds me of my previous post on review of TBS Rainforest Radiance shampoo. If you haven’t checked it yet here is the link.

Coming to the today’s review. It’s about a hand and foot cream from one of my favourite skincare brands which is Natural Bath and Body. It’s their Lemon chamomile foot and hand cream. Continue reading